Flaming good therapy

FIRE walking was a life-changing experience for Fremantle’s Wendy Schulze.

She enjoyed it so much she qualified as an instructor, and is bringing Swedish fire-walking gurus Owsa and Rolf Beckman to WA.

“[Fire walking] gives you a very different sense of the world…a different perspective,” Schulze says.

The physiotherapist, kinesiologist and life coach likes to push boundaries: in early 2016 she hiked through snowy mountains in shorts and a crop top, as part of Dutch iceman Wim Hof’s ice therapy.

Then Schulze was lured to Sweden in September to take part in the Beckman’s fire walking course.

Actual fire walking wasn’t on her agenda and she refused the first night, but dancing around the fire on the second night she dipped her toes in.

“It was like velvet and I found myself walking through the middle.”

• A student on Owsa and Rolf Beckman’s fire walking course. Photo supplied

She had no plans to repeat the experience, but the fire lured her back — 30 more times.

Each was an exhilarating and liberating experience; but being in the right frame of mind is vital to not getting burnt.

“It is as important to walk on the hot coals as it is to not walk on them,” Schulze says.

“Tune in and you will not get burnt — a metaphor for life really.”

Rolf Beckman is a psychologist and his wife Owsa a social worker.

Faced with the lack of spirituality in their chosen fields, they retrained in a variety of eclectic therapies.

Dr Beckman said his first contact with fire walking impressed him:

“[With] fire walking you overcome your limiting beliefs of what is impossible,” he says.

The intensive four-day fire walking instructors course teaches participants to focus their intent.

“[So] you can break bricks with your bare hands, effortlessly bend rebars (scaffolding iron bars), break arrows with your throat, daily walk on hot coals and so much more,” Schulze says, showing the Herald photos of her brick-breaking exploits.

The course in September is so intensive numbers are strictly limited.

For more information about the course go to firewalking.eu, email wendy@flinderslanephysio.com.au, or call Wendy Schulze on 0418 921 778.

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