Housing plan to kill Roe

WETLANDS activists say they’re prepared to accept a limited amount of housing along the former route of Roe 8 if it will kill off the divisive highway.

Following Labor’s resounding victory at Saturday’s state election, premier-elect Mark McGowan confirmed he’d keep his promise and scrap the project, telling contractors not to bother turning up to work on Monday.

Celebrations were surprisingly muted along the route following Labor’s bulldozing of Colin Barnett’s Liberal government, which Fremantle councillor Rachel Pemberton says was partly due to concerns about further damage to the environment.

• Having fought off Roe 8, wetlands activists are now agitating for a wildlife corridor, but say they’ll accept some housing if it kills off the controversial highway.


There has been some debate about limiting access to the site, with some activists wanting to concentrate on keeping weeds out and letting the bush regenerate itself, while others are itching for a more symbolic tree planting.

Kim Dravnieks, who with Nandi Chinna and Suzanne Smith, has been spearheading a plan to turn the route into a wildlife corridor between the Beeliar Wetlands and the ocean, says there’s already been encouraging signs of regrowth.

“We’ve already seen some bandicoots scratching around there this morning, so that’s encouraging,” Ms Dravniek says.

The recently incorporated group wants the wetlands themselves quarantined from housing, but believes there’s some scope for development on the route’s more degraded areas, such as around the Montessori school in Bibra Lake.

They’re hoping to convince the new government to make the developments highly sustainable and environmentally sensitive.

Ms Dravniek says they’ve already held community workshops and have had great support from Cockburn council.

She says the corridor would include natural bush, bike paths, walking trails, nature playgrounds, picnic areas and even an outdoor classroom.

Main Roads says its expecting “further clarity” about the highway reserve’s future once the Labor government is sworn in.

“In terms of site activity, no construction work is occurring, however Main roads and the Building Roe 8 Alliance will continue to monitor and maintain the site, carrying out dust suppression and traffic management processes as required,” the department said in a release to the Herald.

“We will also be conducting ground water monitoring on an ongoing basis as a condition fo the project’s environmental approval.

“As Roe 8 remains a potentially hazardous construction site, fencing will remain in place for the foreseeable future.”

6 responses to “Housing plan to kill Roe

  1. Labor will build the PFL becauae it is an essential roadway. The land is cleared and all are ready to move forward to Fremantle!!

  2. So. It was never really about the environment. These retards actually were just adverse to change.

  3. Who would gamble on buying property along a route where one on the governments wants to build a road
    When the libs get back in they will claim they have a mandate to finish what they started.
    It will be much easier as the path is already cleared. In 3 to 7 yrs you won’t see that much regrowth.
    People shouldn’t be to sure Roe 8 is off its just on hold
    We saw the possibility of houses and businesses property being purchased by the government to build Roe 9 before the tunnel plan was confirmed, so it won’t be hard to for governments to reclaim this stretch of property

    The way congestion is going around this area it will be like success were people in the future demand Roe 8,9&10
    The libs now know all the anti development crowds arguments against the project, they just need to put a plan in place to kill off their arguments.
    Like always in politics what’s in not in vogue today can be the popular issue tomorrow.

    It’s not a question if Roe 8 is built its a matter of when.

    As the plan for Lat 32 which is needed for the outer harbour also has the Roe 8 in the plans, otherwise it’s trucks back on suburban roads and a huge increase in truck miles to get deliveries done

  4. Build the rd its already cleared and WA cant afford to not follow thru with this. In the long run it will benefit all West aussies lower costs in transport means lower prices at the checkout

  5. Build the rd its already cleared and WA cant afford to not follow thru with this. In the long run it will benefit all West aussies lower costs in transport means lower prices at the checkout

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