Busting society’s perception

SOCIAL commentators argue that reality shows and fashion magazines are damaging young women by socially conditioning them to strive for “perfect” bodies and material wealth.

Professional bra fitter Nicci Workum tries to overcome unrealistic beauty standards by celebrating women with smaller busts and petite physiques.

“We’re bought up in a society that teaches women to hate themselves,” says Workum.

“Every message you get is that there is something wrong with you.”

• Nicci Workum wants to make every woman feel special and beautiful. Photos by Jasmine Kazlauskas

Nicci’s Smalls in Fremantle is a lingerie store that specifically caters to women with small breasts.

“Our sizes range from a 6AAA, as the smallest, to a 16C,” says Workum.

Workum, who has a background in chemical engineering and sustainability, revealed that the company was born out of her own frustration at not being able to find a good-fitting bra.

“I’ve had many humiliating bra shopping experiences where I’d just be directed to the teenage section,” she says.

“After breastfeeding two children the problem only worsened and I could never find anything beautiful or sexy”.

Workum says that many of her clients initially have a very negative perception of their bodies.

“A lot of women with smaller breasts come in here and feel bad about themselves and feel like less of a woman,” she says.

“For whatever reason, breast size is a huge issue when it comes to body image.

“The number of women having breast enhancement surgeries only confirm that society says small boobs are not okay”.

Workum reveals that there is a huge misconception in the wider community that smaller girls are lucky because “they don’t even need to wear a bra”.

“Most clothes are made for an average sized bust, so when you try on clothes without a bra they’re very baggy at the top,” she says.

“You need a good bra to fill out your clothing”.

Workum says a good-fitting bra can “transform” a woman’s self-esteem.

“Every women deserves to have beautiful lingerie and to feel good about their body, no matter their size or shape,” she says.

“It’s really important for a woman’s self-esteem that she can find something that makes her feel beautiful and confident.

“A really nice set of underwear can make the world of difference.

“I adore those moments when you’re in the fitting room with someone and they find the perfect bra after never being able to find something that fits right.

“This is why I truly love what I do — it’s like a revelation!”.

Nicci’s Smalls is at 246 South Terrace in Fremantle, or go to


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