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THE HORROR! We were only five minutes into our meal when I accidentally spilt a freshly poured pint over my friend Belinda; she ended up saturated from top to bottom with my icy cold brew.

While I was mourning the loss of $11, the lady sitting at the table next to us was about to experience her own beer bath.

The waiter put her boot into the leg of a nearby chair and dropped an entire pint onto the patron’s lap.

I felt terrible for the two soaked sheilas, but it was difficult to watch so much sweet amber nectar go to waste. Such a shame.

While Belinda was off drying her clothes under an electric hand dryer, I was trying to convince our waitress that I wasn’t intoxicated and that it was all just a clumsy accident. Thankfully, a replacement was served.

Minor mishap aside, the remainder of our time at The Gate was wonderful.


We ordered a bucket of chilli chicken wings ($14) to start.

The “HOT” highlighted on the menu in bold black font isn’t to be taken lightly.

These wings are face-melters, but also tender, juicy and full-flavoured flappers.

The accompanying chunky cucumber dip was welcome relief and soothed my scolded tongue.

Tempted by the scotch fillet and mushroom parfait ($39), Kylie eventually decided on the Surf and Turf ($38) instead.

Served with tender rump steak, plump prawns and deep fried squid, Kylie’s cravings for a classic pub steak were satisfied by this generous and tasty dish.

Influenced by a near-by diner tucking into a Platinum Steak Sandwich ($25), I ordered one, and I wasn’t disappointed.

There wasn’t a bit of gristle in site and the thin slices of prime steak easily fell apart with every bite.

The addition of sour cream and chives tastes much better than it sounds — it was delicious.

Belinda, who’s not much of a foodie, decided on a simple chicken caesar salad ($25).

Fresh and crunchy

She was a little disappointed that some chicken had spent a little too long on the grill (blackened rather than caramelised), but was satisfied with the rest of her salad which was fresh and crunchy.

Looking around at the near-empty dining room, I wonder if the abundance of new, licensed eateries popping up all over Cockburn Central was having an effect on this local institution.

The food is great, but maybe it’s time for some redecorating and a creative, modern new menu to lure punters back.


The Gate Bar & Bistro
816 Beeliar Drive, Success
9499 3399

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