Thai favourite

ON a Wednesday lunch time you’ll find the D’Angers in Kings Square, where some of the best and cheapest Thai food is whipped up in a “tent” emblazoned with Praw Thai.

Praw is the owner and we discovered she also has a stall at the Canning Vale Markets on Sundays, so we can get our weekend fix too.

If you want the fish cakes ($3 a stick of three) on a weekday you’ll need to get in early because they are snapped up in no time by hungry workers.

Not to mention the stack the D’Angers take home for dinner.

With just the right chewy texture and wonderful Thai spicy flavours, they are great on their own, or with rice and a quick and easy D’Anger-made chilli sauce.

We usually grab a couple of sticks of what we call fish sausages ($3) as well.

The chunky, oily mix of seafood and spices, predominately star anise, are great to nibble on on their own, or with rice at home.

I love the squid, which also comes on a stick for $3.

At the risk of sounding like little piggies, we add a vegetarian pad thai to our lunch order, at the ridiculously cheap price of $7.

• Thai Praw owner, Praw

Made in small batches — so it’s not sitting in the warming tray — it’s always fresh and delicious.

Sometimes you’ll find chilli fish on the menu, which is always a good day I reckon.

The rich sweet flavours of Thailand, and the mouth-puckering lacing of chillies, create a fantastic dish.

Just watch out for the little bones.

There’s a green curry, which looks and smells great, but we just can’t get passed the fish sticks and noodles.

Recently a customer was gushing about it being the best Thai around as she happily wandered off with a couple of takeaway containers.

Head on down Wednesday to Saturday, find a table, and sit amongst Kings Square’s towering Moreton Bay fig trees for an enjoyable lunch.

Or take something home for dinner.

You won’t regret it.


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