Letters 13.5.17

IN an age of clip bites and fake news, reading about an another round of job cuts by the Fairfax media group to its journalists and editorial staff saddens me.
While no industry is immune from the winds of change, losing professional staff undermines mastheads and alienates readers who look to print media for well researched and written articles.
Since the first newspaper was published in 1605 journalists and editors have put their names and reputations to articles that are in fact the first draft of history.
The industry is facing a loss of advertising revenue to global digital networks and a shrinking pool of readers prepared to pay for news.
As consumers we face a choice: get what we pay for or receive news that someone else wants disseminated.
Michael Whitworth
Caribbean Drive, Safety Bay

Cruising to death
I WAS extremely disappointed to learn about Carnival Cruises wanting to pull out of Fremantle in part due to the very poor port facilities that we have here.
This is going to be a massive loss to our local economy and I hope that the current government will be pulling out all the stops to bring Carnival back to the table.
They managed to do it with Qantas and the new terminal … now they need to do it again … we can’t afford to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in tourist income.
It will kill Fremantle.
Krishan Mistry
Quarry Street, Fremantle

Outer wards neglected
RA STEWART’S front page promotion for mayor at the October 2017 elections and councillor Rachel Pemberton’s prompt response indicates that the race has commenced.
Both articles have been carefully crafted with both referencing the Hilton/Samson Wards.
Ra’s nod to the lack of connection to Fremantle, while Rachel’s rejoinder that “our marketing efforts already reach Hilton and Samson etc” only reminds the ratepayers that once again there is a lack of money in the budget for street calming, landscaping or infrastructure for the outer Fremantle wards.
It would seem that there is some concern that with a well organised program in the Hilton/Samson wards, this could be influential in the mayoral contest.
It appears that it was and is generally accepted that the South St and Carrington St shopping precinct remains a very dangerous area for both car and foot traffic.
The congestion of roads, medical centres and ancillary medical practices, a pharmacy, numerous small businesses and two large shopping complexes plus children attempting to reach schools and public transport add to this unsafe mix.
One is told that Main Roads is the problem, but that was the same excuse that was given in attempting to remove heavy transport off Hampton Road.
What is forgotten is that Hilton and Samson ratepayers pay the same council rates as everybody else and expect solutions.
Rachel also suggested that “what is needed is a wider metropolitan reach”, meaning a better commercial connection between the Fremantle CBD and outer suburbs.

Forget it.
Along the railway lines (Fremantle to Guildford) and Stirling Highway, councils have done a magnificent job in creating great infrastructure and beautiful safe streetscapes for all their residents.
A ‘wide reach’ is of course possible from Fremantle to Murdoch with all its major infrastructure, but what is appealing about driving from Murdoch to Fremantle down South Street?
There will also be elections for councillors and these positions are just as important as the role of the mayor in achieving progress for their wards.
Councillor Sam Wainwright is excellent at looking after his constituency.
Always available and immediately responsive to any query or problem.
Helen Kennedy
Knutsford St, Fremantle

Just stick to the basics
THE correct process for Fremantle council to consider a position on matters such as gay marriage or banning contractors for their involvement with detention centres is through a public petition presented to council.
Matters of social conscience are not the day-to-day business of council, however, the council chamber is the place where broad community sentiments for protest or change can be aired and either endorsed by the council or merely noted.
Helen Hewitt
Nairn Street, Fremantle

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