Little sanctuary

THIS is my failsafe: we go to the park across the road, get dirty and come here for coffee and the kids can play,” a very relaxed mother of two says.

Forming instant friendships as only small children can, they played happily under the shade of an ancient grape vine, grabbing toys from a large basket.

Dappled shade

“I’m doing on-line shopping,” a little girl tells her brother.

“She didn’t get that from me,” her mum interjects as we chuckle.

An elderly couple are sipping coffee, affectionately watching their grandkids play: “The coffees always good here,” they say.

From the street, Little Olive Leaf is unassuming, but looks are deceiving and inside is a funky eatery decked out in eclectic fashion.

Outdoors you’ll find a large vine-covered pergola offering dappled shade and foliage to soothe the mind.

Before heading out we made our selection from a cabinet of goodies, including beef patties, a chicken tart and a selection of sandwiches and wraps.

A huge lentil patty looked good, but the lasagne ($12.50) won me over.

The tasty dish had a vast assortment of veggies, including aubergine and sweet potato.

It came with fresh baby spinach and one of the best dressings I’ve ever had—a sharp and creamy blend with mustard tartness.

D’angerous ordered the house-made beans ($13.80) with egg.

The butter, navy and kidney beans mingled in a rich, Middle Eastern sauce that had me wishing I’d ordered the dish.

Especially when my dearest said: “The sauce is really beautiful, but there are too many beans.”

I’m not sure what he expected from a Mexican bean dish, but I got to polish them off, and I hoped that D’angerous wouldn’t have a farting fit on the way home.

A garden full of small people can be noisy, but Little Olive Leaf seemed to be on mute, and we were so chilled and peaceful we stayed for tea and cake.

Dave’s salted caramel slice ($4.50) was pure decadence, but my lemon slice ($4.90) lacked the sharp lemon hit I’d been expecting.


Little Olive Leaf
7 Archibald Street, Willagee
open Tues–Sun breakfast
and lunch
9337 4286

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