Grain of truth?

TRUCKIES were given a good opportunity to grumble about the demise of the Perth Freight Link on Thursday morning following another rollover on the intersection of Stirling Highway and High Street.

The driver of the double-bogey grain truck was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital after the crash, but wasn’t injured.

Traffic was bought to a standstill on Stirling Bridge and High Street as tow trucks tried to right the upturned  vehicle, but the long sit in their cabs gave truckies to mull over another consultation between Fremantle council and the McGowan government before any action’s taken.

“This corner is bad; it is off camber so any load when you come down here just gets thrown out,” said Ian.

“Roe 8 was the best idea they had, look at all the cars and what these people have to go through.

“It will happen again – it will happen again.”

• Tow trucks try to right a grain truck which rolled over on the notorious Stirling Highway/ High Street intersection on Thursday morning. Photo by Steve Grant

For Vishapreet, sitting in a growing queue of cars and trucks seemed like deja vu.

“We were stuck like this for three and a half hours when there was a spill on the Stirling Bridge,” he said.

The Gillard government allocated $59m to upgrade the intersection in 2013, but Main Roads and Fremantle council couldn’t agree on the design, then the Barnett government delayed the works further as it pondered plans for a tunnel under Fremantle that would have made the intersection redundant.

The Turnbull government promised funds in this month’s Federal Budget, with the McGowan government promising to work with Freo to develop a supportable plan.


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  1. Time to leave Perth. This city is backwards and the people are all angry at each other. Very negative place to live. Barnett was disconnected. McGowan has an Ego like I have never seen.
    All that rises falls away.
    One thing we all have in common is in the not too distant future we will all be dead.

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