Fun & Fitness
Are you looking for a fun way to improve your health and fitness, and meet some great people too? Then why not give Zumba Gold a go?
Zumba Gold is a low impact, easy version of Zumba Fitness, set to catchy latin music with modified steps that are easy to follow and gentle on your joints. If it’s a vibrant and lively class you’re after, then Zumba Gold is for you!
Zumba Gold is great for older adults, beginners, or anyone wanting a fun, low impact workout. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are welcome. Classes are held each week in and around Fremantle.
For more information, visit
or call Elisa on 0403 019 156.

Love the Skin You’re In
“Skin isn’t just skin deep,” says Nuala Briggs owner of NBSkin in North Fremantle.
“It’s really imperative to look at my client as an individual. To achieve the best results from any skin treatment, I look at all aspects of skin, health and lifestyle. My treatments such as BBL FotoFacial®—AgeDelay™ uses the latest technology for rejuvenation but if health is compromised, then I advise nutritional supplements or other lifestyle changes like reducing stress.”
Nuala also treats many difficult cases, Acne, Premature Ageing, Rosacea, Sun-Damage or conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) where women suffer from excessive hair growth, weight gain and acne.
“This is where my new SHR hair removal is a revolution for anyone with unwanted hair, fast & painless with results from the first treatment. Understanding and knowing about the condition really helps clients feel relaxed and well cared for.”
With over 30 years experience there’s no beauty concern that Nuala can’t fix. Nuala’s personal, professional and caring attention on a one-to-one basis is her mantra. For a private and confidential consultation on any skin or hair removal concern, call 0484 608 877 or email or visit
Phone 0484 608 877

Be Confidant!
“Ditch the razor and painful waxing and spend your time doing the things you love with confidence!”
Let’s face it, body hair in general plays a pretty big role in our everyday life. Some of us go to extreme lengths to ensure that every inch of our body is fuzz free In a society where flawless, and hairless skin is not only preferred but expected. If you ask any woman if they have ever had a ‘Brazilian’, you can be sure most of them would not be thinking about a tall dark handsome man who speaks Portuguese.
Clearskincare Clinic is known as Australia’s most experienced IPL clinic and has been performing hair removal treatments for over 18 years. There have been many advances over the years in the speed and comfort of treatments, if you’ve had a wax you’ve had worse!  Permanent hair removal is not only more comfortable but a lot faster than shaving or waxing.
Winter is always the perfect time to start. Ditch the razor and painful waxing and spend your summer doing the things you love with confidence! Clearskincare invites you into their Fremantle clinic to experience a FREE underarm IPL permanent hair reduction treatment. For all enquiries or to make a booking, please call 6363 5909.
Clearskincare Clinic
117 High St, Fremantle 
Phone 6363 5909

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