Racists target Fremantle

ANTI-SEMITIC propaganda has been distributed across Fremantle—the third racist campaign in the port city in less than three months.

The posters and flyers, stuffed into residents’ letterboxes, contained the fake Twitter hashtag, #SMASHJEWISHPRIVILEGE and stated that, “Jews make up 44% of the richest 1%, while only making up 1% of the population”.

David Denver, president of The Jewish Community Council of WA, says the posters are “concerning”.

“It is concerning to the Jewish community in Fremantle that there is a tiny minority which think it is ok to post anti-semitic posters in public, but I don’t believe we should be giving any time to this [propaganda],” he told the Herald.

The racist materials had Socialist Alternative Perth’s logo and contact details, but it said it had nothing to do with it.

• Racist posters were plastered on walls and poles beside school crossings in Freo. Photo
by Steve Grant

“Presumably they are made by the sad and desperate far-right, in an attempt to discredit us,” the SA posted on its Facebook page.

In October last year, a fake Socialist Alliance flyer, distributed prior to Waleed Aly’s appearance at the Fremantle festival, alleged that he was suspected of molesting children and beating women.

The latest fake posters were positioned near school crossings at Lefroy Street and Hampton Road, used by pupils attending Beaconsfield Primary school.

A local lollipop lady, who wished to remain anonymous, says the propaganda is “deeply disturbing”. “It is distressing to see these posters right where children cross the road…I contacted the shire, and they covered it up quite quickly,’ they said.

The anti-semitic campaign comes in the wake of two rounds of white supremacy posters being plastered across Freo in the last three months.

Fremantle Multicultural Centre CEO Peta Wootton says they started appearing a few days before Anzac day, with posters containing white-power slogans, including “The White Family is a Beautiful One”.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt says the posters were “disappointing and totally unacceptable”.

“Its been good to see such a strong community reaction, people have been posting over them with positive messages,” he says.

WA police says they are aware of the anti-semitic posters and have launched an investigation.


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