Freakin’ good

WHERE’S the line between a whinge and constructive criticism?

At our place it gets dragged back and forth like a tug-of-war between mules, but I’m conceding ground this week after my wife’s more direct approach had some success.

And perhaps it’s a lesson for all of us who grin and bear it, rather than risk being labelled whiners.

We’d had a couple of sub-par sweet potato burgers at Health Freak in Applecross a few weeks earlier, the experience made worse by some putz in the kitchen trying to palm off obviously spoiled avocado as simply mixed with olive oil.

Perhaps, mate, if you’d not undercooked the ‘buns’ you’d have had a better chance of getting away with it.

Not content with simply sending her meal back, my wife decided to give head office a call and let rip.

I’d have preferred simply looking elsewhere.

So here we were back at Health Freak, my wife chomping into a succulent, well-cooked burger and flashing me a triumphant “told you so” smile, with a hint of “amateur complainer” put-me-down.

This was the mother of all paleo, vegan, auto-immune protocol burgers ($15), with two thick slabs of grilled sweet potato cuddling a rasher of bacon and delicious, juicy lean beef patty.

This time around the avocado ‘butter’ was fresh, while a balsamic drizzle set off the taste buds.

• Clara was beaming about her sweet potato fries.

We ordered a bowl of sweet potato fries to go with it ($4), which were delicious dipped in the aioli sauce, and proved a big hit with both the little and big kids.

Another winner was an enormous kale, sweet potato and quinoa salad ($17.50) which our Wonder Woman dining companion said was a  blaze of colour and left her palate beautifully cleansed.

Health Freak also do a great range of cleansing drinks, and this time around we went for the mint pear detox ($8).

Simply delicious and doing all the right things inside; pears have been clinically proven to help fend off diabetes 2, they’re great for your kids’ regularity (being packed with fibre) and are great anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

We had a bunch of kids with us and were expecting to wow them with the coconut desserts, but they proved a little more divisive than expected.

Perhaps our kids are more attuned (or bludgeoned) to alternative meals, but they can’t get enough of the Cocowhip, particularly the chocolate version ($7).

While their pals were perhaps a little disappointed not to get real ice cream, I was happy to take over theirs and they were creamy, sweet and chocolatey.

I finished off with a coffee that was nice without setting any new benchmarks and we left having fed three adults and three kids for about $80, making it a pretty good deal given the healthiness of the food.


Health Freak
787 Canning Hwy, Applecross
6150 70911
Mon/Tues 7am-3pm
Wed-Fri 7am-9pm
Sat 7am-4pm

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