IF I were to drop all the adjectives and simply list the features that make this Bicton home a jaw-dropping masterpiece, I’d still run out of room before the end of the page.

I’ve reviewed a lot of homes over the years, including a swag of big show ponies, but this is on another level altogether; from corner-to-corner every room is packed with the finest-quality materials, and they’re all finished to perfection. The vendor, a builder by trade, spent 18 months with his designer fine-tuning its 500sqm of living space, then another two-and-a-half years building it.

“This was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together,” he says of the home’s complex construction, explaining why the next owner’s not getting some tilt-up same-old, same-old.

“I’m not a fan of contemporary homes that lack warmth, texture or whatever you want to call it – there’s no soul – and I wanted to create something timeless.”

So he turned to The Hamptons on Long Island for inspiration and went for broke.

Half of what ended up being a four-bedroom home was imported to ensure it was as authentic as possible, from the doors on the garage to the brass cuppola on the roof, which indeed came from the island.

Others were sourced from around the world; there’s stunning English wallpaper used sparingly, and to beautiful effect, in various rooms. It’s a very cool Long Island white elsewhere, so the touches of colour are very eye-catching.

I also have to mention the dog bone basketweave mosaic tiling in the main bedroom’s ensuite, the second bathroom and the laundry downstairs. It was custom-made for this house and its intricacy and beauty is just astounding. The tiler who had ensure the tiny pieces were straight has either white line fever now or nerves of steel.

I was surprised by how warm and inviting the house was, which is testament to the owner’s attempts to capture the cottagey feeling of The Hamptons.

The hub is the huge open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area where light streams through banks of windows overlooking John Dickenson reserve across the road.

The main bedroom is downstairs and while there’s a built-in cupboard for everyday essentials, behind it is a walk-in robe and ensuite that’s so spacious I really thought I was heading into another wing of the house. Again, the finish was spectacular – I happen to know that just one of the double showers itself is worth more than $2 grand.

This house is something special — as the owner says, he’s hoping that in 50 years time whoever holds the key would be more interested in renovating than knocking it down; this one’s a keeper.


47 Birdwood Circus, Bicton
High $2m’s
Noel Rogers
0409 300 600
Acton Fremantle
9319 3022

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