Smart snap on the phone

IN the next two minutes, more photographs will be taken than during the entire 19th century.

Millions of those will be snapped on smart phones, which makes Fremantle resident Christian Horgan’s landscape shot of Singing Rock in Margaret River pretty special; it’s just won the landscape category of the world’s biggest and oldest iPhone photography competition.  To add to the telly presenter’s kudos, he also scored honourable mentions for shots entered in the travel and trees category.

• Horgan’s award-winning landscape Singing Rock

Horgan says he considered himself so unlikely to win he didn’t bother filling in his bio details, so while other category winners were boasting of things like their World Press Photographer of the Year win, his listing merely said “Christian Horgan: Fremantle”.

• And his distinctive Beetle in the travel category

Rapt at being in such lofty company, he says the win’s a boost to Freo’s profile, as his photo is being published around the world — he even found it in Russia. Horgan says he was hanging out down south with his family when he was drawn to the rocks by the wind whistling or “singing” through the rock and just had to capture the moment.

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