Trolley trouble

COCKBURN residents are concerned shopping trolleys abandoned on suburban streets near Phoenix shopping centre could cause a traffic accident.

Glenda from Munster was on her way to visit a friend in Spearwood when she counted 25 trolleys dumped at corners and verges along Kent Street.

“Trolleys are now a hazard,” she says.

“[Kent Street] is on a hill so they roll onto the road, and some people even leave them on the road.

“This is hazardous for drivers, especially at night.”

• One of the many shopping trolleys abandoned in suburban streets near the Phoenix shopping centre. Photo supplied

Glenda spotted trolleys as far as the Sussex Street intersection, around 400 metres from the Rockingham Road shopping complex.

“With the growing irresponsibility of users, I think the time has come for Phoenix Shopping Centre to charge a deposit for return of these items,” she said.

Glenda contacted Phoenix management who told her trolley collection was the responsibility of the supermarkets at the centre.

Coles and Woolworths told the Chook they offered trolley collection services, but relied on customers calling them to report the location.

Spearwood ALDI, which opened on Wednesday, uses trolleys with a $2 deposit to encourage returns.

A Woolworths spokesperson said it provided complementary trolleys for convenience as most customers do not take trolleys outside the shopping centre, but a Coles worker said there was a lot of seniors in the area who wheeled them home.

Locals who report missing Woolworths’ trolleys go into a draw to win $1000, but Coles do not offer any incentives.

Some local councils impound abandoned trolleys and fine supermarkets to reclaim them.

“Neither City of Cockburn rangers nor road maintenance crews impound shopping trolleys,” a Cockburn council spokesperson said.

“The city reports abandoned trolleys to shopping centres for removal.”

To report a stray Coles’ trolley call 1800 TROLLEY, or for a Woolies’ trolley, call 1800 641 497.


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