Bags are booming

BOOMERANG BAGS have taken off in Fremantle.

Launched at Sunday’s Growers Green markets in South Fremantle, by mid-week sewing bees were popping up across town to meet demand for the recycled bags, which will be lent to shoppers who’ve forgotten their reusable bags but don’t want a one-off plastic replacement.

• Lots of fun was had at the Boomerang Bags launch at the Growers Green markets in South Freo. Photos by Neil Wallace

Woolworths in South Fremantle has reiterated its enthusiasm for the initiative, says Growers Green organiser and Boomerang Bags co-ordinator Kylie Wheatley.

Ms Wheatley says she’s been blown away by the number of people wanting to get behind a sewing machine and help out.

She was impressed with the tailoring skills of Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt, who helped launched the bags locally and showed he was capable of a straight seam; although his deputy Ingrid Waltham was left a little frustrated by a pernickety sewing machine.

Ms Wheatley says the bags will mostly be made from recycled cotton material, though there is a swag of poly-something flag material donated from the council ready for conversion.

She says the only issue has been the clamour for “souvenir” copies of the bags, which isn’t quite in line with the “lending” concept.

Anyone interested in joining one of the burgeoning sewing groups can contact Ms Wheatley on 0404 591 288.

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