Parking inspector assault ‘cowardly’

POLICE have charged 42-year-old Riverton man Christopher Lee with endangering the life of a Fremantle parking inspector who he allegedly pinned between two cars after being told to move from an Australia Post parking space.

The incident, which took place Wednesday afternoon, was described by the council as a “cowardly assault”.

Fremantle detectives charged the man with 12 offences following the incident, including making threats, criminal damage, failing to stop, reckless driving, obstructing public officers, possession of stolen property and several related to methamphetamine and cannabis possession.

Police say a parking inspector had asked the man to move, but it will be alleged he only moved into the middle of the road before getting out and verbally abusing the council employee who was in his own car.

The incident occurred just metres from the council’s parking department, which drew a colleague out to help, but police will allege the man got back into his silver Mercedes Benz and drove into the second inspector.

He was sent to hospital as a result, but the council’s statement said he was later released to recover at home from severely bruised legs.

Police will allege that after the altercation, the Mercedes was spotted driving erratically on Hampton Road, and when police finally pulled it over on Reuben Street the driver became aggressive and ran from the scene.

He was arrested after being pushed over by Fremantle mechanic Klem Christensen.

Police allege they found cannabis and enough methamphetamine to justify a charge of intending to sell or supply in the car.

The council said it would support the employee, his family and colleagues through the frightening experience.

“The City of Fremantle will not tolerate any type of violence against our staff and will continue to provide assistance to police to ensure the offender is brought to justice,” the council said in a statement.

At his court appearance, Lee attempted to flee but was quickly apprehended by three security officers.

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