History without the grind

OWNING a historic slice of the city is a great feather in your cap, but often it comes at a price; maintenance.

This apartment in Essex Street, Fremantle, gives you the best of both worlds.

Because it’s part of the Port Mill complex and sympathetic to the design of the circa 1862 building (there’s some conjecture it may have been earlier) you get the charm of the buildings from that era. But being a 20th century addition, you don’t have to worry about rotting beams and crumbling masonry.

Regardless of the hiccup of the date about the mill’s original construction, it can be said with certainty that by 1865 it was being leased to T&H Carter & Co who were producing flour of a quality sufficient for them to consider it worthy of entering a bag in the Intercolonial Exhibition in Melbourne.


Although it’s set just off the Cappuccino Strip and alongside the bustling Millennium cinema complex, there’s a feeling of tranquility as you enter the secure courtyard of this apartment complex with its fountains and flowers.

It continues inside the four-bedroom apartment that’s up for sale, particularly how the open-space living/dining/kitchen area opens on to a high-walled courtyard with a giant mirror, which is a bit Secret Gardenish.

There’s lots of great angles used to help give a feeling of space, including a skylight in the main bedroom that lets in great light.

There’s tons of gorgeous jarrah through the apartment, including the staircase up the three levels, architraves and skirting.

There’s three bedrooms on the second level, but head up one more floor and there’s a fantastic main bedroom with a couple of interesting aspects across Fremantle.

Out one side the view’s a bit roofy, which can be quite funky in its own way, but out the other there’s a balcony overlooking the beautiful central courtyard and across to catch some of the greenery of the Esplanade.

It’s a rarity to find something this spacious, but also secluded, so close to the centre of town. You’d obviously have all of Fremantle’s cafe, dining and live music scene on your doorstep, but having a secure gate means you can keep the world at arm’s length when you need.


7/17 Essex Street, Fremantle
Port Mill complex
From $1.25m
Connie Handcock
0411 115 147
Caporn Young
9385 5559

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