Hilton’s pearlers

FINDING a purpose for their busy hands has given a group of local knitters at a local aged car home a great boost.

The Busy Hands knitting club at Aegis Hilton Park has for the last couple of years been knitting teddy bears, gloves and blankets for a charity that sends wheelchairs to children in developing countries.

• Joy Police is one of the leaders of the Busy Hands knitters club at Aegis Hilton Park. Photo
by Steve Grant

Aegis’s lifestyle coordinator Anja Danner told the Herald when she took over managing the group, there were only a couple of members.

But hooking up with Wheelchairs for Kids had made a bunch of older women who thought their knitting days were over whip out the needles.

Ms Danner says they’ve already knitted and pearled their way through four out of five large boxes full of yarn.

She says the charity sends each child a colourful rug and a knitted toy with their wheelchair.

Ms Danner says she was shocked to discover that without wheelchairs, most of the kids would never get to go outside.

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