A right dog’s breakfast

A RECENT meal at Cafe Royal at Cockburn Central was a right royal dog’s breakfast.

Not the chaotic sort, but the sausage and bacon in a dish sort ($3), served with a nice big bowl of water for furry friends.

• Furry food critics, Taddy and Lars.

In hindsight we should have ordered two serves for our gentle giant Lars, who having overturned the water bowl in his enthusiasm to get to his tucker, devoured the lot, then eyed-off Taddy’s bowl, in the hope of seconds.

But the usually fussy eater left nothing.

Entertainment over, the grown ups tackled their own breakfast.

French toast can be hit and miss, but the huge serve at Cafe Royal ($19.50) was a winner: thick slabs of moist toast, drenched in maple syrup with a liberal sprinkling of sesame seeds on top.

D’Angerous Dave ordered the pancakes ($15.50) – a generous stack topped with banana.

“They are nice and fluffy,” he said, adding, “They could have done with a bit more syrup, or lemon juice on the side to add some zest.”

My lovely sister-in-law Sally, had the breakfast bruschetta ($21.50).

The toasted garlic Turkish bread was topped with cherry tomatoes, spinach, and avocado with a balsamic glaze, and had two perfectly poached eggs on the side.

More used to a hollandaise sauce, Sally was at first nonplussed by the half-breakfast, half-salad dish.

“It’s very different,” she said, working her way through the huge plate with gusto.

My brother John (aka Toad) was in raptures with the huge sausage in his Royal breakfast ($20.50).

“I finally got my real sausage, not chipolatas,” John said.

I’m sure Freud would have a field day, but anyway, John was equally delighted with the rest of his dish, which was groaning with bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans and grilled tomatoes.

The D’Angers earl grey tea was served in beautiful porcelain tea pots, with matching cup and saucer, while Toad and Toadess enjoyed a couple of well made coffees.

Cafe Royal turns tapas in the evening, describing itself as being in “glam yet industrial surroundings”.

There’s an extensive drinks menu, including cocktails.


Cafe Royal
19 Junction Boulevard,
Cockburn Central
9417 4441
open 7 days breakfast til late

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