LETTERS 29.7.17

Holy baloney
THE statement made by St Pat’s CEO Mr McDermott about being forced to close St Pat’s soup kitchen on weekends through lack of funds is utterly ridiculous.
Stella Maris, a very valuable building, is owned by the very wealthy Catholic Church, who would of course not be charging St Pat’s rent.
As a charity St Pat’s would be exempt from payment of all rates and undoubtedly would receive discounted services: electricity, gas, water, etc.
The majority of food they provide is donated, as are the services of the volunteers who cook, clean and drive the vehicles, which are also donated.
On top of the financial donations St Pat’s is continually bleating it needs and receives—the state contributes $2 million to various St Pat’s activities.
As the rather large, well-fed gentleman, pictured on the front page of the Herald, made plain, not all those attending St Pat’s are homeless, many are just seeking a free feed, which if they can’t get at St Pat’s, they’ll steal from Coles.
And while this gentleman may not be able to afford to put petrol in his car to get to his next free meal, he obviously can afford to buy drinks at the National Hotel?
The police, when asking this, by his own admission ‘’boisterous’’ man to move on, were doing their job, and more power to them.
I very much doubt Mr Dickerson would be facing prison were this a first offence.
I truthfully feel, those in genuine need should be given all possible help, but don’t feel, and this might, will, get up the noses of the ‘’touchy feely politically correct’’, that substance abusers, of any description, fall into this category.
Robert Loftus
Beach Street, Fremantle
The Ed says: Bob, Danny was being ‘shouted’ at the National by a friend as a thankyou for his help supporting St Pat’s NAIDOC week celebrations, including manning a stall and giving a talk on reconciliation. Thanks to the state’s draconian laws, anyone convicted of assaulting a police officer is gaoled, regardless of whether it’s their first offence, and regardless of how minor the “assault” was. 

Hans’s doomed romance
IN response to ‘Hug our Planet’ (Thinking Allowed, Herald, July 22, 2017), it is good to discuss climate change to make it tangible to a confused public.
The Earth’s climate system is large, complex and described by climate scientists who may not communicate in terms everyone can understand.
However, blurring the distinction between climate change, politics, weather, sustainability, pollution, etc. is possibly not helping and could be potentially dishonest.
Its fundamental flaw is missing the positive contributions already made by businesses, governments and industry.
We need to accept we live in a human-dominated environment and resorting to romantic ideas is not useful.
Earth always change, slowly, due to natural climate change.
Anthropogenic, or human induced, climate change is rapid and is caused primarily by fossil fuel emissions.
In other words, natural fuels like gas and coal, which are processed into petrol or electricity, are burnt and release carbon into the atmosphere.
China, USA and Europe account for over 50 per cent of global carbon emissions.
Solutions that allow a small local population to be adaptable and resilient might be more successful in the face of unpredictability.
Michelle Cunningham
Watkins Street, White Gum Valley

6 responses to “LETTERS 29.7.17

  1. to the editor… i am a student of spear wood alternative school & me & my class is frustrated with people that are destroying our native bush land could piria ,we do have to number plate’s. we would hate to pass plate number’s over to the council or police!
    come to apologize at the office or email it to us!(SAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. To the Editor,
    I am a student of Spearwood alternative school (S.A.S)year 3&4 .At our school we have a bushland called Piara.we learn a lot inside piara as well as have fun .we have had piara for of years.we have had grown trees & plants in piara and they are all native australian plants .
    There has been constant people not using there initiative & driving there cars straight through piara bushland and destroying the bushland.
    if we put rocks in the middle of the track they just drive around them and destroy more bushland.dear drivers PLEASE STOP DRIVING YOUR CARS THROUGH PIARA!!!!!!!!!!!
    from The super annoyed & angry
    bakoolba sas
    spearwood alternative school

  3. I Am a student of Spearwood alternative school.(S.A.S)

    at are school we have a wonderful bush land called Piaira , witch we learn and have so much fun there,but lately we have had people going though piaira (are bush land) . there driving over all the native plants and smashing down the sighs we have put up.

  4. to editor,
    We’re students of Spear wood Alternative School (s.a.s) . We own a beautiful bushland named Piara. Hundreds of kids have learned in and protected Piara.

    We have the number plates of two cars that have driven through and destroyed our Australian native bushland. We have tried putting rocks on the path but they go around and destroy more. We put signs up asking them to stop but they just push them down.

    We would like to say please stop destroying our bushland. We do have your number plates, otherwise we will tell the police.

    Had enough,


  5. To the Editor,
    I am a year 3 at Spearwood Alternative School (S.a.s). S.a.s has a beautiful bushland called Piara. We learn about trees and bushes and how to plant and look after them. My class go’s to Piara every Monday and Friday to water the plants we’ve planted and to have a play. Piara has been here for lots and lots and lots of years.
    For the last few weeks, we have been seeing cars driving through all the trees we planted. The cars have been leaving tire marks on our natural bushland floor, and we have put signs up and the cars have just smashed them down. We have got there number plate and we would hate to bring this further, but if they continue we will be forced to tell the police.
    We would like you to put this into Fremantle Herald so that hopefully the people that drive the cars will see it and know that we are taking it seriously. Then they will stop doing it, and we will have our beautiful bushland back.
    I have had enough of it.
    From Megan, year 3, Spearwood Alternative School.

  6. Hello, I am a year 3 student of Spearwood Alternative School ( S.A.S). our school has a beautiful bush land called piara that we learn and play in. hundreds of past and present students have nurtured and grown their repeat and knowledge of Australia nature in piara.

    our problem is that cars are driving through piara and destroying our bush land! and they drive through our Signs saying don’t do it. when we put rocks on it so they can’t drive through, they just go around them and destroy more bush land and animals.

    we would like you to put this in the newspaper. we would be annoyed to pass this on to the police.

    we have had enough! from Lucy. (sas student)

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