Australian Geographic nature photography shortlist

AFTER buying his first Nikon camera just four years ago, Hilton resident Gary Meredith has been shortlisted for the 2017 Australian Geographic nature photographer of the year.  Mr Meredith entered the photo The Gift in the threatened species category after capturing two fairy terns mating near a nesting site at Rous Head, North Fremantle.

Aware of the bird’s rapidly declining numbers, Mr Meredith hoped he could raise awareness by photographing them. Mr Meredith began taking snaps after purchasing a DSLR for a trip to the Canadian Rockies four years ago.

“I was totally blown away by how I could show others the beauty that can be found in nature,” he says. Since then he has invested in gear specifically for wildlife photography and diligently studied how to produce high-quality images.

Working week-on, week-off at a mine in the Great Sandy Desert, he spends most of his spare time finding interesting subjects to photograph.Although still a hobby, Mr Meredith hopes to make nature photography a full time gig.  The winners of the Australian Geographic nature photography awards will be announced on August 10.

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