Equality rally in Freo

FREMANTLE state Labor MP Simone McGurk says her office has received several dozen “ugly” emails attacking same sex couples.

Although the emails didn’t originate locally, she says it reinforces how divisive the Turnbull government’s looming survey on marriage equality has already become.

“The best response is an emphatic yes vote. As a progressive, welcoming community, I’m confident that is exactly what the people of Fremantle will deliver,” Ms McGurk said.

• Federal Labor MP Josh Wilson is organising a “Yes” marriage equality rally.

She urged constituents to check their enrolment, saying they needed to be enrolled by August 24 in order to get their postal survey.

Her federal Labor counterpart Josh Wilson is organising a “Yes” rally at Fremantle’s Rainbow container sculpture at the base of Cantonment Hill next Friday, August 25 from 5pm.

“The rally at our iconic rainbow sculpture next Friday is an opportunity for people to come together and declare that Fremantle says YES to marriage equality,” Mr Wilson said.

“All couples should have the opportunity to benefit from the happiness, stability, and commitment that marriage represents.  There is no reason to discriminate against same-sex couples.  It’s time to let love win.”

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