Organic health solutions

WITH organic food now a mainstay on supermarket shelves, Precious Organics owner Elle Tait took the decision to focus on healthcare products instead.

“Things you can’t access everywhere,” she says.

“It’s hard to get organic healthcare products.”

Tait’s dad, Jeremy Schoen, started the business in 2008 in Myaree.

He’s an industrial chemist turned naturopath, and Tait’s childhood was all about eating the right things and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

When he retired four years ago the choice was obvious.

“I bought the business off dad, so it’s still in the family,” Tait says.

• Elle Tait with husband Mark and sons Charlie and Jonny. Photo supplied

Her interest goes deeper than just a business and when her son was diagnosed with autism she researched the use of natural supplements and changed the family diet.

“He doesn’t have autism now,” she claims.

Diagnosed with ovarian cysts, she once again turned to organic supplements.

“I did a month of therapy…went back and the ultra sound was completely clear.”

Precious Organics shelves are packed with organic supplements, including beauty products, cleaning potions, clothes made from bamboo, herbs and baby products.

All are free of artificial colours, preservatives and petrochemicals.

“We believe that man-made chemicals cause a whole host of health problems,” Tait says.

The shop has a small selection of organic meats and dairy, including raw as well as treated camel milk, and untreated fresh milk for bathing in—after all it did Cleopatra no end of good.

There’s an in-house naturopath at the shop on Thursdays, with a full-time one coming on board next year.

Precious Organics
92 Bawdan Street, Willagee
9317 7333
open Mon–Fri 9am–5.30,
Sat 9am–4.30pm, closed Sun

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