Prison dilemma

POND frontman Nick Allbrook says he will have mixed emotions when they play Fremantle Prison in his hometown next month.

The psychedelic rockers are embarking on a national tour and will play the gaol on September 16 with Body Type and Reef Prince.

“It’s something I’ve thought about a lot and wondering about the morality of performing there,” he says.

“My mum used to do projects with the Aboriginal men who were incarcerated there in the 80s so I know a lot of people wanted it to be burnt to the ground when it closed.

“I know people like the poet and musician Robbie Walker was brutally and unjustly beaten to death there.

“I also know that a lot of people wanted it to become a beautiful place of joy and learning, so I’ve made it okay in my brain.

“If I was to do anything other than burn the dark horrible place down, I would love to play music there and spread love.”

“I’ll just invite all the ghosts along—I’ll put them all on the guest list!”

• Pond frontman Nick Allbrook.

The gig will include songs from Pond’s seventh studio album The Weather, produced by Kevin Parker, which features their latest single Paint Me Silver, described by critics as the “perfect pop song”.

The single is a vibrant celebration of having no plans, and was inspired by a text Allbrook received from Amber Fresh, from the band Rabbit Island, while he was walking the Bibbulmun track: “I’m going to steal a cigarette off you, paint me silver and call me Herman Hess if I ever touch your pouch again,” she texted.

The surreal SMS sparked a creative flash in Allbrook’s brain and he returned to Freo with the lyrics for Paint Me Silver.

“I just thought that was beautifully poetic and it kind of went from there, ruminating from my weird little place in the world,” he says.


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