Bless the chef

DINING out can be fantastic or disappointing and expensive, and I admit I have lost faith in many “restaurants” and their version of good service and good food.

I’m of the opinion that if we can cook it at home and do a better job, we are staying at home.

I had heard about the food at Little Lefroy’s and the talk was very encouraging, but, I admit, it takes a lot to impress me.  That’s sounds naff but I spent many years in hospitality and I love food, really good food, and really good table service.

The theatre between the chef, the waiter and the customer can be exciting if all are passionate and own the part they play. The restaurant gets devout regulars, the patrons trust and love the chef, and the waiter…well they get to have fun, share their knowledge, earn some good tips and bring the whole dining experience together.

I watched the waiter watching us, I saw him pick his moment to tell us about the drink specials and chat about the menu.

He had the wit, and ability to read the table and the wisdom of pitching what to whom.  Laden with streaming, delicious mulled cider, water and good wine we decided to order everything on the menu – 12 items for 10 hungry locals…then something happened…complimentary bread and really good olive oil appeared on the table…”stop the car!!”

Could this actually be a dining experience about to happen? I kept my cool to see what would come next.

The Dandaragan organic beef carpaccio, crème fraiche, horseradish, shallots, capers arrived and it looked really good…I tasted it and my tastebuds haven’t been that happy in a long time…tender, sweet morsels of perfect thin slices and the right amount of horseradish and crème fraiche .

My mood immediately brightened…the next dish of fried brussel sprouts, goats curd, honey, chilli hit the table and each bite was sensational.

The dishes kept coming… slow cooked rabbit, pancetta, green olives, followed by duck fat potatoes. I love this menu!

My friends were passing dishes around with groans of delight; this was living!

The beef cheeks, and rabbit were quickly re-ordered …and another bottle of the excellent red the waiter had recommended.

Little Lefroy’s may look like a café but at its heart it is a quality restaurant with knowledgeable staff and a great chef.  Well done guys, its so easy to do it cheaper, quicker, faster and you have just set yourself apart from the many that do.


Little Lefroy’s
310 South Terrace, South Fremantle
9430 4900

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