Tamara Yoga (Competition Now Closed)

Win 1 of 3 monthly passes to Tamara Yoga

Yoga is for everybody, not just the young and fit. Its wealth of benefits include increased strength and flexibility, decreased stress levels, better sleep, concentration and memory, reduction in pain, improvement in mobility and increased fertility to name just a few. Yoga is both calming and energising, and has been shown at the cellular level to be ‘anti-ageing’ – who doesn’t want that? The expert teachers at Tamara Yoga are passionate about increasing happiness in the world while helping you to feel great.

Give yourself a chance to feel amazing by entering the competition to win 1 of 3 unlimited monthly passes valued at $270 each for Tamara Yoga Fremantle.**

Tamara Yoga specialises in ISHTA Yoga. A Sanskrit word meaning ‘that which resonates with the individual spirit’, ISHTA is the physical and spiritual form of Yoga that addresses the individual needs of each student. It is an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. Hatha is the physical practice of yoga that creates balance and health;  Tantra is the philosophy that recognises the perfection in all beings and Ayurveda is the ancient, holistic Indian science of healing.  Tamara started Tamara Yoga when she moved back here to Perth from New York, because she dreamed of developing a warm and welcoming yoga sanctuary and there was nothing like that here at the time. Tamara Yoga has now grown to 3 beautiful studios, the newest one in Fremantle, located upstairs at 35 High Street.

** Each pass entitles the winner to attend any and all drop-in classes in the month of September, 2017

This competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Competition closes 4pm 5.9.17 with winners announced in the 9.9.17 edition of your Herald.

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