Kids loving little library

WHEN the manager of the new Montessori daycare centre in Wray Avenue, Fremantle, noticed a lot of her charges had never been to a library, she decided it might be best bringing one to them.

Meghan Murphy, who is also an educator at Orchard Montessori, then decided to go one step further and create a little library for all the kids in the area.

“We had Book Week and some of the kids brought books from the library, but there were quite a lot of kids who didn’t know what a library was,” Ms Murphy told the Herald.

• Meghan Murphy reads some of Orchard Montessori’s kids one of the books from their new mini community library. Photo by Steve Grant

The centre put up a small book cabinet out of the rain on its verandah.

“We wanted to share this small but charming street library with other in the community,” Ms Murphy says, adding that immersing kids in literature and culture at a young age gives them a positive outlook and lifelong learning skills.

She says the library, at 63 Wray Avenue, has already proved a hit and there’s a steady stream of titles coming through every day.

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