The power of the story

FOR years Abbe Reid brushed off her calling as a clairvoyant, preferring to focus on being an artist.

From a very young age she had been aware of forms she knew weren’t human, but disapproval of such “nonsense” dampened her psychic abilities until she turned 18 and was an arts student.

Trivial dreams about people around started to come true, so Reid read up on clairvoyance and honed her ability.

• Abbe Reid says her clairvoyant skills help her to be a “life coach”. Photo


“I did it as a hobby during my arts career. Then it became stronger, especially after having babies.”

She and hubby, former Fly By Night boss John Reid, have moved down south, and any thoughts of a day job have been well and truly been laid to rest with clairvoyance now a full time gig.

Along with seeing clients at her “office”, and a segment on local radio, she does phone readings as far away as Sydney, South Africa, the US and the UK.

“The phone is just as good as face-to-face,” Mrs Reid says.

Once people start to outline what’s worrying them detailed pictures seem to appear: “Like a movie,” she says.

With face-to-face clients she uses cards and rune stones, which back up what she sees.

“People come if they are worried about changing jobs or moving house. I work with victims of narcissistic relationships, and people in custody battles.”

If someone is concerned about moving house pictures will come to her of the new property, and if a change of jobs is the problem: “I might see someone sitting on a fork lift,” Mrs Reid says.

“It happens like a story, I describe what I see in great detail.

Life coach

Mrs Reid doesn’t like the term psychic, and says she’s more a “life coach”, with the help of the client’s angel guide: “I’m the conduit.”

She also does grief counselling and when someone needs professional help refers them on: “There are psychiatrists who come to see me and I send some of my clients to psychiatrists.”

Abbe Reid is back in Fremantle with readings at the Fly By Night, Friday September 1, 10am to 4pm. To book call her on 0433 599 021.

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