Get fit playing Futsal!

A modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller indoor pitch, Futsal is fast, fun and exciting. A sport in its own right, Futsal is a very safe sport and fun for the whole family to watch and play. Some of the best soccer players in the world like Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar all played Futsal in their childhood and believe the benefits of the sport helped get them to where they are today.

As the Futsal ball has low bounce quality, it spends much more time on the floor, which is excellent for development of skills and ball control. The smaller area in which the game is played demands quick decision making, movements off the ball and intensity.

The WA State Futsal Centre’s friendly atmosphere and expert coaching has attracted players from all over the metro area, including many women. The centre is equipped with two purpose-built Futsal courts, with ample seating available for spectators to watch all the action. There’s also many opportunities for players of every level to take part, from beginners to the elite. The fun never stops when playing Futsal – once you start you won’t want to stop!

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