LETTERS 2.9.17

Ideas above their station
WHAT the hell do Fremantle’s councillors think they were elected to do?
It appears our Mayor Dr Pettitt, believes he was elected, and has the support, of the community to change the day and date we celebrate being Australian?
Cr Sam Wainwright thinks he has the right, and the support of the community, to remove, if not destroy, any and all statutes celebrating the achievements of any, non-aboriginal, Australian?
If Fremantle’s councillors are to be believed, we 21st century Australians are responsible, and should be happy to pay for the actions of people (the, so called, leaders) of 200 years ago.
I for one am not, and am fed up to the back teeth with our overpaid, out of touch, politically correct, touchy, elected people bleating on about it.
Having said that, I recently read, less that 40 per cent of those eligible to vote did so in council elections.
Our councillors are counting on that apathy in the upcoming elections.
If we don’t vote we get the representatives we deserve, like this mob that will leave Fremantle in tens of millions of dollars in debt, but with a nice shiny town hall, and no statues of any non-aboriginal person.
Bob Loftus
Beach Street, Fremantle

Patronising minister
THE minister for child protection has a patronising attitude when she implores parents to do their research and then vaccinate like she wants them to.
It seems that our politicians are so shielded from the truth by their lobby and other interest groups, such as the ‘Immunisation Coalition’, which is pharma sponsored, that she has no idea of the real state of affairs in the world when it comes to the damage vaccines are causing.
Does she know that the reporting rate for adverse events is estimated to be around 5-10 per cent at best?
Does she know that vaccines have very dubious safety studies?
Does she know many vaccines have encephalitis as side effects, which can cause autism symptoms in children?
Many parents around the world are telling the same story—”My child was a normal, happy child until vaccinated. Then came the listlessness, the explosive diarrhoea, head banging, losing language, speech.”
This is a worldwide phenomenon, and we are sacrificing many children to the god of herd immunity.
Sharon Bailey
Oakover Street, East Fremantle

Dowson’s missed a trick
I’M surprised former deputy mayor John Dowson, a man who cares so much about Fremantle, hasn’t thrown his weight behind City Ward candidate Claudia Green.
Both share concerns about heritage and quintessential identity, and with the McGowan govt passing laws to send the auditor general in to scrutinise councils, both champion accountability and transparency.
My community, Canning, was stripped of its democracy and struggled to remain relevant whilst under administration.
It was during this time I met Ms Green and benefitted from her knowledge as we negotiated in new commissioners.
Fremantle seems to be at the crossroads today.
Mr Dowson champions its past, and Mayor Pettitt its future, but what’s the best way forward?
What I learned from Canning’s upheaval is that people promise many things but only some have the knowledge to know what’s most likely to endure.
Ms Green seems to have that quality.
October’s local government elections are pivotal ones for Fremantle.
I wish it every success.
Diana Ryan
Walpole Street, Bentley

Lost at sea
MANY of us don’t want a Wave Park on our fabulous Alfred Cove foreshore.
This precious piece of river should not have a large concrete structure put on it for the next 30 years.
There are also many other reasons why the Wave Park should not be built in this location including noise, traffic, environment, etc.
Currently this area is occupied by Melville Bowing Club and everyone enjoys the green open space.
The club house is a favourite not only for members but also for many seniors groups, functions and events.
Thousands of residents in our community continue to campaign against the Wave Park because it is still a long way off from being done and dusted.
It is now dependent on approvals from several government departments.
Our city needs councillors who care, who realise that this Wave Park will cost residents a lot of money and that residents will subsidise it for the next 30 years.
Candidates who are prepared to stand up against the Wave Park need to be elected to council in October to protect our foreshore and put an end to this expensive overdevelopment.
So make sure you fill in your postal vote in October and put a stop to this Wave Park proposal on our foreshore once and for all.
Katy Mair

Copping a spray
REGARDING the spraying of weed killer at the Gibson Park reserve this morning with no warning signs.
Yesterday morning at Gibson Park I met a man in a Fremantle Council truck with a spray tank behind it.
He told me he had come to spray the weeds in the limestone banks surrounding the lower oval but he could not do it yesterday because the wind was too strong and the spray would fly over the bank and kill the grass.
This morning it was calm.
He was spraying but the spray was flying over the banks up onto the grassed area.
My dog and I had to run to escape it. There were no warning signs in place on the lower oval.
I have emailed the council to ask what kind of weedkiller they were spraying.
In my experience it is usually glyphosate and I have, since last spring, exchanged a number of emails with them over their very, very inadequate placement of warning signs.
Nothing changes.
People using the dog exercise area need to know that for the next couple of days there is toxic spray along the edges where dogs run. I am asking the council to sign post it now.
Helen Trengrove
Holland Street, Fremantle

Society’s ills
IS it just me or has the Fremantle Society completely lost its way?
Fremantle has some big development projects happening but, rather than being a positive contributor to Freo’s renaissance, the society appears set on infighting and bungled interference in local politics.
The society constitution, which I looked up because I had been considering joining, is all about heritage and character.
Umm…what happened?
Mark Taylor
Stevens Street, Fremantle

Bloody Barnaby
SO Barnaby Joyce (August 28) has been bleating about the bush the idea that, “every time a council decides their job is not to look after rubbish and roads but some social engineering for our nation, it is just garbage.”
Local councils run naturalisation ceremonies every year, and if these aren’t a form of social engineering I don’t know what is.
It’s no wonder Barnaby is in trouble on another matter.
He just doesn’t understand simple ideas, let alone complex ones.
Oliver Cosgrove
Bristol Ave, Bicton

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