Heritage classic

RENOWNED WA architect Talbot Hobbs designed this impressive warehouse in Fremantle’s West End during the gold boom.

It was an era when buildings reflected the standing of the owner, and a tin shed, no matter how big, simply wouldn’t cut it.

So this warehouse—used to store wool bound for the UK and incoming alcohol during its time as a bond store—has a gorgeous, decorative facade.

If you take a deep breath you can almost catch the scent of brandy and port from the massive timber beams in this two-bedroom home.

It’s a historical corker and is listed on the state and federal heritage register and was awarded a National Trust gong.

Soaring 4.5 metre ceilings, massive iron girders, monster-sized jarrah beams and aged timber floors can be found on every floor of this three-storey house.

Secure gates protect the entry portico, with steel and glass doors leading to a double garage and timber stairs.

A home with stairs is said to add ten years to life expectancy and with 56 stairs in this apartment, getting a telegram from the Queen is assured.

Level one has a sitting room, bedroom and ensuite.

With neighbours unable to peek in there’s no need for curtains on the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer views of a huge rear wall adorned with vines.

You’ll find the kitchen and living area on the spacious middle-level, which has massive windows overlooking the Round House, Maritime Museum and the port.

Contemplating Fremantle’s heritage is a simple as looking up from the kitchen sink, through massive windows, at the original wall of the former bond store, its age inscribed in the bricks and steel girders.

I’d be installing a barbecue kitchen on the third-level balcony, because you’re going to want to spend a lot of time on this alfresco, enjoying sweeping ocean and port views.

The main bedroom is on this level, complete with ensuite and walk-in-robe.

This fantastic warehouse conversion is inner-city living with style and panache.


13 Little High Street, Fremantle
Garry Maddeford
0409 200 054
Domenic Pansini
0437 610 813
O’Byrne Estate Agents
9336 2666

2 responses to “Heritage classic

  1. Hi guys – living away from Freo for a few years now, the article makes it sound like the whole warehouse is for the set price!

  2. Hi guys – living away from Freo for a few years now, the article makes it sound like the whole warehouse is for the set price!

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