Council nominations

RA STEWART is a former president of the Fremantle chamber of commerce and is running for mayor.

BRAD PETTITT’S the current mayor and has a strong support base in the city.

Beaconsfield Ward (1 vacancy):
FEDELE CAMARDA wants to improve recreational facilities and support local sporting and community clubs.

HANNAH FITZHARDINGE is a sitting councillor who has worked to improve pedestrian safety in the suburb.

South Ward (1 vacancy):
ANDREW SULLIVAN is a sitting councillor who says he will use his heritage expertise and planning skills to protect the city.

MARIJA VUJCIC wants to re-establish Australia Day celebrations on January 26 and to review the speed humps on South Terrace.

BEN MOODIE will fight to preserve beaches for future generations and look at ways to help the homeless.

JENNIFER SUFFLING wants to attract more businesses into the port city.

LIAM CARTER is on the Fremantle Youth Advisory Committee and wants affordable housing and shared creative spaces.

North Ward (1 vacancy):
DOUG THOMPSON is a sitting councillor who has lived in North Ward for 40 years and will focus on traffic safety and parking.

MICHELE CORBO campaigned to return the 107 bus into the suburb and has lived in North Ward for 30 years.

Hilton Ward (1 vacancy):
SAM WAINWRIGHT is a sitting councillor and an advocate for inclusion and social justice.

CATHERINE HAMMOND wants council to stay clear of federal and state political issues and return to basics.

East Ward (1 vacancy):
JENNY ARCHIBALD is a former Fremantle mayor and she she will focus on sound financial management of the city.

MICHELLE CUNNINGHAM has lived in White Gum Valley for nearly 25 years and promises to be independent.

City Ward (1 vacancy):
ROEL LOOPERS runs a popular blog covering Fremantle issues and attends and reports on most council meetings and events.

LINDA WAYMAN is the general manager of two radio stations and wants to revitalise Fremantle so it is vibrant and liveable.

JULIE MORGAN is looking to create a multi-layered, inter-connected city not reliant on shopping or tourism.

CLAUDIA GREEN promises to be 100 per cent independent and get the city’s finances back under control.

ADIN LANG is a small business owner who wants to create programs to promote local businesses and attract visitors to the city.

CHAMONIX TERBLANCHE is a sitting councillor at Cockburn but hoping to step up to the top job.

LOGAN HOWLETT’S the current mayor and will be hard to knock off.

LEE-ANNE SMITH is also a councillor known for her mentoring of Aboriginal kids through her  Halo organisation.

East Ward (1 vacancy):
AYNA DAVIES, project manager and director of Experience Cuba Tours.

TARUN DEWAN is an engineer who worked in the oil and gas industry. He wants to stop rate rises.

KIM SADLIER is a long-term Cockburn resident, Justice of the Peace and pres of the Success Residents Association.

STEVE GREENWOOD wants Roe Highway back on the table and has a focus on infrastructure.

LORENZO BOKSHI runs Nocellos Restaurant in Cockburn Central.

JANETIA KNAPP has a background in cultural teaching and would provide a rare Aboriginal voice on a council.

ANITA DE KLERK is a registered nurse with a passion for helping people and getting road and family infrastructure in Aubin Grove.

LEE-ANNE SMITH is a sitting councillor who’s also having a tilt at the mayoralty.

Central Ward (2 vacancies):
CHONTELLE SANDS has lived in Yangebup for 10 years and says she brings experience in strategic planning, fiscal management and consultation.

TOM WILSON built his first home in Cockburn in 2014 and wants to make sure the city’s prosperity is shared with its residents.

MARIYON SLANY is chair of the Perth Natural Resource Management Board.

PHILIP EVA is a sitting councillor and works for Cockburn Labor MP Fran Logan.

West Ward (2 vacancies):
PETER HOLLIDAY wants to see the city’s coastline reinvigorated.

MICHAEL SEPAROVICH’s family is synonymous with Spearwood as his grandparents were pioneering market gardeners.

PHOEBE CORKE is a musician, event organiser and activist involved in Save Beeliar Wetlands and Gimme Shelter for homeless people.

BART HOUWEN is a veteran councillor who’s still up for another shot at the seat.

TONY ROMANO is a former councillor who headed the SMRC and now wants to make a political comeback.

ANTONY SVILICICH wants to see the old South Fremantle Power Station redeveloped and a cafe built at Bibra Lake

KEVIN ALLEN is a veteran councillor looking to extend his time in chamber.

CLIFF COLLINSON is a sitting councillor at East Freo and is running for mayor.

JIM O’NEILLS the current mayor and has lived in East Freo for 32 years.

Plympton Ward (1 vacancy):
MATILDA O’NEILL, the mayor’s daughter, nominated at the eleventh hour.

JENNY HARRINGTON is a sitting councillor and wants a sympathetic redevelopment of the Royal George Hotel.

Woodside Ward (1 vacancy):
TONY WATKINS is a sitting councillor who wants to protect public open space and improve the condition of playgrounds and footpaths. He was the only candidate to nominate and will be re-elected unopposed.

Richmond Ward (1 vacancy):
ANDREW MCPHAIL is a sitting councillor who wants to deliver an achievable masterplan for East Fremantle Oval and a good outcome for Leeuwin Barracks.

MARTIN SPENCER is campaigning for more trees to be planted and for the improvement of footpaths and parks.

ROBERT PETANCESKI is an orthopaedic surgeon who is interested in the character and future direction of East Freo.

Preston Point (2 vacancies):
MICHAEL MCPHAIL is a sitting councillor who is looking to improve the recreation space along the foreshore and have the Royal George Hotel redevloped.

STEPHEN GREEN has lived in East Freo for 40 years and wants to improve footpaths, cycle ways and facilities at the Swan River.

TONY NATALE is passionate about sustainability and has lived in Preston Point ward with his family for over 20 years.

JULIE AMOR says East Freo doesn’t have enough women councillors and wants to readdress the balance and also support seniors in the community.

KERRY DONOVAN wants to create a secure and safe environment for residents in East Fremantle.

East Freo already has parent and child councillors (Andrew and Michael McPhail) and if the O’Neills and McPhails are both elected, the tiny chambers at East Freo council could be quite a family affair.

Applecross-Mt Pleasant Ward (1 vacancy):
SOUZI CLIFFORD is an active volunteer, Rotarian and business owner.

STEVE KEPERT says he’ll bring integrity, independence and responsibility to the council.

FELIX ROSARIO participated in last year’s Strategic Community Plan for the city and got a taste for decision-making.

CAMERON SCHUSTER is a sitting councillor who’s advocated selling some of Shirley Strickland reserve for housing to pay for facility upgrades.

Palmyra-Melville-Willagee Ward (2 vacancies):
KAREN WHEATLAND works on a tug at Freo’s port and has been active with the Caralee Community School.

ADAM HEWBER is a local businessman who’s done lots of volunteering with organisations like the Bicton Men’s Shed and Rocky Bay.

PETER BEST wants to restore the trust between the council and the community.

PATRICIA PHELAN is a sitting councillor hoping to extend her tenure.

PHILIP SCOTT wants the council to focus on roads, rubbish and rates.

ALAN FAIRHEAD is a family man who wants to help and support communities.

Central Ward (1 vacancy):
KATY MAIR is a former mayor of Melville who famously had her perks stripped by her colleagues for siding with the community over the Heathcote development.

REBECCA AUBREY is currently deputy mayor and the daughter of mayor Russell Aubrey.

CALLUM PRIOR was the community development officer at Melville for six years.

Bicton-Attadale-Alfred Cove Ward (1 vacancy):
JUNE BARTON opposes the council’s plans to merge bowling clubs.

JOHN WATTERS is a local high school administrator.

Bull Creek-Leeming Ward (1 vacancy):
CLIVE ROBARTSON is the city’s current longest-serving councillor who scored an AM for his local government work.

MARIE CURTIS wants kids in Bull Creek to have the same opportunities she enjoyed.

Bateman-Kardinya-Murdoch Ward (1 vacancy):
MATT BRUYNINCKX is an IT expert with a passion for community.

NICOLE FOXTON is one of the council’s current young guns, and is a high school teacher in Murdoch.

DEREK AMMON made a squillion in the mining boom, selling his company to Kerry Stokes, and he wants rates capped at CPI.

TONY STOKES wants to preserve local bushland.

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