Shark barrier extension

THE Coogee Beach shark barrier looks set to become a more permanent fixture after Cockburn council staff recommended it be extended for another five years.

The barrier, designed by Eco Shark Barriers, has been on trial since November 2014 and has proven popular with the local community.

It’s also attracted visitors from further afield, particularly parents who are attracted to safely-caged swimming lessons while on vacation.

• Shark barrier at Coogee beach. File Photo

“Although there have not been any reported shark attacks at Coogee Beach, the barrier allows people to experience the joys of swimming in the ocean with some peace of mind,” said a council report.

So far the barrier has only broken once during wild weather, while a couple of marine animals got themselves hooked up in its netting and were released without harm.

The council recently surveyed residents about whether to keep the barrier, with a resounding 3606 giving the thumbs-up and just 43 preferring swimmers to take their chances with Jaws.

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