Confident kids

RENOWNED parenting educator Maggie Dent is heading to Fremantle on October 16 to give a talk about how to raise resilient and confident children.

The talk is being organised by Fremantle Primary School’s P&C and is being held at the South Fremantle Football Club at 6pm when doors open for drinks, with the talk starting 7.30pm.

P&C chair Emma Herrick said there weren’t any burning issues at the school which had led them to reach out to Ms Dent, but there was a strong focus on the children’s wellbeing as well as their academic achievements.

• The parents of these Fremantle Primary School kids hope they turn out confident and resilient – with a little help from Maggie Dent. Photo

She said Ms Dent ticked all the boxes in terms of giving practical advice and the P&C thought it could be beneficial to parents from other schools so decided to open the event to anyone interested (it didn’t hurt that all funds raised from the tickets will bolster the P&C’s bank account).

Ms Dent is the author of 10 books, runs a popular blog and regularly appears on the ABC and in the parents magazine Essential Kids.

Her Fremantle talk is Real Kids in an Unreal World, which includes a 10-step program to producing resilient kiddies, including giving them lots of play, good nutrition, positive role models and clear boundaries.

To book tickets head to

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