Southerners go potty

LONG before artisan-made ceramics became fashionable, the South of River Potters Club were quietly amassing a devoted following and producing some of the state’s most celebrated pottery.

For 20 years it’s been a creative hub for local artists, including Sandra Black and Chur Shackleton, who pop-in to share ideas and technical knowledge.

Barrie-Anne Morgan is relatively new to pottery and says the beauty of the club is its mentoring program.

“Freo Arts Centre have set up classes to learn the basics, but after that if you want to pursue it further you have to join a club,” she says.

“There are a number of very experienced ceramicists, up to 30 years experience, who are very generous and are happy to help others.”

The club’s Glorious Mud, at Atwell House from October 14-22, has sculptural pieces, delicate porcelain slip vessels and Raku-fired pottery.

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