For children

IMAGINED FUTURES is a new initiative designed to keep kids engaged in education.

The program specifically targets youngsters who are at risk of becoming disconnected from mainstream education, particularly those transitioning from primary to high school.

IF executive director Judy Walls says the initiative also provides support to families with complex needs, increasing the chance of the kids heading to school every day, and looks at bringing back kids who’ve dropped out, by offering vocational training or specialised education opportunities.

“Imagined Futures represents a very different approach to addressing issues of social disadvantage,” says Ms Walls, who works out of St Pat’s. IF is run by the South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum, a collective of 80 government and non-government agencies, includes St Pat’s, which try to think outside the box and tackle disadvantage.

Businesses, philanthropists and community members are also involved. The program, currently up and running in Cockburn, will likely be rolled out in Fremantle next year.

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