LETTERS 11.11.17

Port Beach sullied
SO Port Beach is hosting ‘Sunday Sessions’ for five Sundays in a row—adults only.
How did this get approved?
Residents like using the beach on Sundays without having to put up with drunks and rubbish; and they like to take their kids.
Bathers Beach is increasingly ugly for the amount of drinkers that are stationed there over the summer (check the cigarette butts in the sand).
Is this the future for Port too?
It’s a shame that Port Beach is increasingly being handed over to the interests of those who have to sell and drink booze, with little or no consultation with other beach users.
You want a Sunday session? Go to the pub.
David Weber
Pearse Street,
North Fremantle

Language, Timothy
I AGREE with the sentiments expressed in the letter “Potty Mouth” (Herald, November 4, 2017), regarding full printing of bad language.
Mr Editor, let’s turn your comment around.
If your brain can fill in the blanks, what’s the point of fully printing words that a) are obviously not necessary and b) that some of us do not want to read?
I’d love to see high language standards in the Herald!
Claudia Mueller
Amur Place, Bateman

Dog of a beach
LEIGHTON Beach opposite the walk bridge over the railway lines is one of Fremantle gems: body surfing, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or just plain fun with the kids.
I have been going to this beach for twenty years for a swim with the kids and do still today with my ten-year-old.
The beach as aligned to the car park has essentially been shared: half people half dogs aligned to the car park.
Now the dog beach has been extended south past the car park.
So now you can’t go for a swim after parking in the car park un-pestered by dogs and their general charms.
I can understand why the dogs want to rule this beach as the car parking is totally pathetic, a badly designed—one-way jam.
Now all dogs owners can park in the car park and dogs can progress directly to the beach to make their primary deposit before chasing the little kids who are throwing balls with mum and dad.
The issue that has triggered this dog day is the car parking, which still remains totally inadequate.
Go you, dogs take over the world—f…k the rest of us.
Pete Clayden
Sewell street, East Fremantle

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