Catalan cry

CATALANS across Australia are uniting in solidarity amidst the political uncertainty in their homeland.

In Fremantle, ex-patriots are planning to meet at the Rainbow Sea Container on December 7 at 6pm, the same day a large Catalonian demonstration will be held in Brussels and supported in other cities around the world.

Last Sunday a group of Catalans met in Kings Park, calling for the release of government officials from their homeland who were imprisoned following last month’s disputed referendum, which saw the Spanish government sack and arrest Catalan officials and assume control of the region.

Group spokesman Imma Fare says it’s important in times of political crisis to create awareness and give support to fellow expatriates.

“Being on the other side of the world you feel so impotent,” she says.

“We see all the corruption, the repression and the violence and no one does anything.”

• Catalan ex-pats in Kings Park protesting for the release of imprisoned government officials back home. Photo supplied

Following the disputed referendum in Catalonia, former president Carles Puigdemont, along with several other officials were forced to flee to Brussels to avoid imprisonment and may face extradition.

Ms Fare says while the Catalans living in Perth may have different opinions regarding independence, they all agree on one thing—human rights.

She says violent action taken by police against Catalans isn’t being shown by Spanish broadcasters, so it’s up to Catalan ex-pats to increase awareness about what is really going on back home.

Ms Fare added that for many of the Catalans meeting in Kings Park, it was the first time they had met up with fellow ex-pats in Australia, and despite the unfortunate circumstances, they enjoyed the sense of community it brought.

She says everyone is welcome to come down to the meet at the Rainbow Sea Container in Freo.


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