Salvo’s rad move

AFTER an unfortunate mix-up, Fremantle uni student Nina Richardson is all set to skate again.

While visiting the Salvo’s op-shop in South Freo last year, Ms Richardson left her $200 personalised skateboard at the front of the store, but it was mistaken for a donation and sold to a customer for just $13.

Devastated, but seeing the funny side of it all, Ms Richardson was unable to afford a replacement, and with the new owner refusing to return the board, Salvo’s area manager Kelly Morrison stepped in, contacting manufacturers Santa Cruz for a replacement.

“We didn’t know if it was going to happen,” says Ms Morrison.

• Skateboarder Nina Richardson is stoked with her new set of wheels. Photo supplied

“There was a lot of backwards and forwards.”

But luckily for Nina, Santa Cruz came good, gifting her a limited edition Marvel Comics board which she received last month.

Ms Richardson was delighted with the board and grateful to the Salvo’s and Santa Cruz for helping out.

“Yeah I’m stoked to get a quality board and just really happy with the way the Salvo’s handled it,” she says.


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