Financial Care for our Aged

Danila Moreira is a fully qualified Accredited Professional Financial Advisor with a special interest and expertise in Aged Care financial advice.

The striking impression you will have on meeting Danila is this: she is not only a professional you can trust in her highly skilled field; she is also genuine, compassionate and understands the complexities of this time of life.

Danila speaks Italian, Spanish and English. Her language skills, empathy and experience are helpful when dealing with clients from many cultural backgrounds.

The transition from independence to aged care can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. It’s an emotional time for all involved. Danila understands the stresses involved because she sees it in her work every day. She will assist clients and their families to make informed decisions when considering their options in this complex and rapidly changing environment.

• “The number one question I get is: Do I need to sell my house and the simple answer is, not always.” – Danila Moreira

“The number one question I get is: Do I need to sell my house to pay for the aged care facility?” says Danila. “And the simple answer is: not always!”

“I try to help people keep their homes if their heart is in it. But the most important thing is to sit down and evaluate their particular situation, to look at their options, the tax implications, estate planning, cash flow so that they can live well and to help them make their decisions. And those decisions are reviewed every 6 months to make sure it’s working for them.”

Other common questions are:

Where do I get the bond?’

Will my money last?’

How can I have adequate cash flow to live well?’

Where should I move to?’

How much will the daily cost be?’

DTER9D Elderly woman and caregiver reading document

“I can help guide clients through the process and make it a less stressful journey. I will visit them in their own home if they feel more comfortable there. I can also assist with investment strategies that are low risk and not complicated,” says Danila.

“I have enormous respect and empathy for families going through this transition. It is quite an honour to help them.”

Contact Danila Moreira, Principal of Aged Care Financial Advisory Service WA on 0405 816 355 or email to meet. Consultations also available in the comfort of your own home.

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