Pooch ban for park

DOG walkers are up in arms after Fremantle council proposed banning dogs from bushland at Sir Frederick Samson Park.

In an attempt to stop damage to native vegetation and protect wildlife, the council want pooches banned from the bushland surrounding the grassed park in the centre of the reserve.

But local resident Carolyn Frisby says the council’s proposition “is not only an outrageous over-reaction, but is also utterly unfair”.

She says a more appropriate response would be signs educating locals about the damage dogs can do to bushland, explaining that most of the Samson park dog walkers are responsible members of the community, committed to preserving the natural beauty of our environment.

But Shane Boyle, a former Freo council bush regenerator, says dogs trample the bushland, contributing to weed invasion.


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  1. Been walking dogs at samson park for 30 odd years and I’m not gunna stop so I guess ya will have to cop a mouthful and fine me if the ban goes ahead!

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