Reflecting Oz

SEVEN artists with very different styles—but a unified message on culture, community and diversity—will be on show in Eclectic Energy.

The exhibition’s curated by Hamilton Hill artist Barbara Douglas, who also has paintings on show.

Most of her works are inspired by a trip to Uluru in the Northern Territory, and showcase her Irish ancestry, blended with the indigenous culture of the area.

• Artist Barbara Douglas. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

She’s joined by Treena Hopewell-Calder, Bev Russell, Lisa Pensebene, Nurul Huda Ridwan, Andreas Hutter and Wilhelm Johannes Drechser.

Eclectic Energy is at Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach, Fremantle from December 16-20.

There’ll be music, poetry readings, and a talk by environmental scientist Jon S Kaub on the opening night.


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