Window wonderland

WE still haven’t enticed her into the spotlight for some well-deserved recognition, but Bill Campbell Books’ Hidemi Okumura has sparkled again in this year’s Fremantle Christmas window competition.

Ms Okumura has taken out first place for the second year in a row, this time for a stunning Christmas snowfall, with each flake individually cut from the recycled pages of a book. Beneath the snowflakes her iconic Barbies have ditched airhead Ken and rollers and are happily engrossed in a leather-bound book.

Last year Ms Okumura also used the recycled book idea to create a magnificent, light-draped peacock with individually cut feathers.

Runners up included Ame Bel, Terrace Men, Fremantle Opals, The Home Provedore and The Chart and Map Shop.

This year there’s more than 40 businesses around the CBD who’ve taken part in the competition, which is designed to give shoppers another reason to drop into town – and perhaps linger a little while longer.

There’s still a little time to put your vote in for the the People’s Choice, which you can find at the Fremantle BID Facebook page or if you track down one of their maps of all city’s Christmas windows.

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