Bowled over at Ohana

Owner, Royce Surman, says his journey to create a vibrant store in the heart of Fremantle began far away in Hawaii.

“I graduated as an Environmental Engineer,” Royce told Herald Dining.

“I was passionate about that, but the job I landed was more about destroying the environment rather than saving it.”

Another of Royce’s passions was free diving, which took him half way around the equator to Hawaii where he lived with a local family.

“One day the family took me to an Acai cafe not too dissimilar from Ohana” he says.

“I was astonished—it was one of the best breakfasts I’d ever had.”

Royce explained to the family that Acai bowls weren’t common in Australia, and it was then he had the idea to bring the healthy dish back home.

“I felt inspired to bring it back home and obliged to share it with all my family and friends,” he says.

“I made the family a promise that if I ever did pull off this pipe dream that I would call it Ohana as a tribute to them, which means family in Hawaiian.

“I decided to open in Fremantle due to Freo being, in my opinion, the most accepting and open minded town when it comes to trying something new and exciting.”

“Freo gets behind local business and they embrace the vegan lifestyle.”

As someone who probably eats too much meat, I was eager to try something healthier, and Royce was quick to recommend the colourful Kapuka bowl.

It’s popular with customers and I could see why.

Perfect for summer, the ingredients are chilled and refreshing.

There’s plenty of crunch from the almonds and coconut flakes, which also add texture to the soft, fresh fruit.

“All our bowls are packed full of vitamins and we’re about to launch a new bowl with a charcoal base,” Royce told Herald Dining.

“Charcoal is widely known for its incredible adsorption properties, making it very helpful to detoxify and alkalise the body.”

Ohana’s menu goes beyond Acai bowls and includes an extensive range of smoothies, cold-pressed juices, raw vegan treats; such as a homemade salted caramel slice, and Kombucha –
a refreshing fermented tea drink, full of beneficial probiotics which are essential in maintaining good gut health.

“Everything served here is vegan, from head-to-toe, because that’s what we believe in and it’s what our customers recognise and appreciate us for,” says Royce.

Ohana’s own homemade almond milk is made in store every morning and they also serve coconut, oat, rice and soy milk, which are great with their organic coffee.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Ohana was how welcoming and friendly the staff were.

“When you come into our store, you’re going to get the best customer service you’ve ever experienced,” says Royce.

“We pride ourselves on being welcoming and providing good vibes.”

Ohana Acai Bar has just extended their dining space to include a stunning outdoor garden area for customers to enjoy the sunshine during the warmer months. Abundant with plants and good food, I could have chilled in the hammock all day.

“Customers are loving the new Secret Garden. Dogs and sandy feet are most welcome, and if you want to sit here all day then you’re welcome to.”

Sounds perfect.


Ohana Acai Bar
28 Market St, Fremantle
Phone 0404 174 004
Monday – Friday 7.30am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 5pm

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