LETTERS 27.1.18

Heretic Herald
I REFER to the leading article of your paper, ‘Losing Faith’ (Herald, January 20, 2018).
I’m not sure whether the reporter was trying to be ‘funny’ ‘clever’ or ‘smart’.
I find the article none of these.
I find it degrading, insulting, and blasphemous. Degrading to you papers’ usual standards.
Insulting to senior citizens and persons in general with greying hair (that includes several of the present Melville city councillors (and also those the photo caption refers to as ‘Melville councils top brass’!)
Blasphemous in the wording of the article to Christians and Church goers of all denominations.
I quote “Like the faithful on a pilgrimage they came, near on “800 souls”…“into the Baptist Church” (it should have at least said Baptist College auditorium)… “praying for salvation”…“a gathering of church elders”…“grey-haired sermonisers”…“danced with the devil”…“for some it was a real baptism”.
I have no idea whether you or any of your staff are Christians.
But would you get away with such denigrating phrasing if you put this article in Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist…or any other religious terminology.
I am sure you would not have put such a type wording in an article a relating to our Aboriginal people.
The reporter should be asked to make a published apology for his less than professional wording and also for his biased personal opinions that come through in the article.
This is a front page article with a large letter heading…the apology should also be a front page statement, not in tiny print, but “BIG” enough for the seniors to read!
Losing Faith…yes, many have in the Melville city council.
Yes, many have in your paper.
Carline Kelers
Clydesdale street, Alfred Cove
Ed: Carline, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the reporter gets to the pearly gates and argues his case with Saint Peter.

Bananas about a republic
ON the subject of “Change the Date”, I am horrified at what it is being unleashed within our communities, online, in our homes and work places.
This “so called debate is splintering our country.
It is time for our leaders to stop wringing their hands, and lead!
Before this gets further out of hand.
This “debate” is gathering increasing vitriol as January 26 approaches and it will only get worse while our leaders sit idle.
A national day is a day where we should all stand together and be proud of our nation and who we are as a people, not descend into a squabbling mess of “us and them”.
So it is time, time to bring on the republic: a republic that recognises, respects and celebrates its ancient culture, a republic that recognises its past mistakes, a republic that recognises, respects and celebrates all of the people, cultures and religions that have found their way to this country over many years.
Give us a day we can all celebrate—give us a republic.
It’s Time!
Alex Marshall
White Gum Valley

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