MP not one for Freo

FREMANTLE has the most un-Australian council in the nation, says One Nation upper house MP Charles Smith.

The East Metropolitan MLC posted an ornery meme to his personal Facebook page this week, attacking the council’s stance on Australia Day celebrations and claiming the city was becoming more violent. He also quoted from a discredited story that Freo was planning to force pubs to have alcohol-free zones.

“Tell me what you think of the wacky #fakeGreens in Freo!” he tagged the post.

Socialist Alliance member and Freo councillor Sam Wainwright also featured in the post for describing Israel military action within the Gaza Strip as “genocide”. The post included his mobile telephone number.

Mr Smith, who admits it’s been at least six months since he last visited the port city, says a volunteer fed him the content.

• Charles Smith

“Today’s Greens never mention environmentalism,” he says, yearning for the likes of Bob Brown, a “proper Greenie”.

“Just left wing social policy.

“I would like them to stop cancelling Australia Day, I would like them to stop creating division and get back to being one nation.”

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said he would be pleased to explain to Mr Smith why nearly all his criticisms were factually incorrect.

“While being attacked by One Nation is probably more of a compliment than something to be concerned by I can’t help but think Charles Smith could serve his east metropolitan constituents better than attacking a council that isn’t anywhere near his area,” Dr Pettitt said.

The post claimed Freo was the first council in the nation to stop celebrating Australia Day, but Dr Pettitt says there’s a couple of councils over east who’d acted earlier, while statistically violent crime was falling.

Mr Smith also converted Dr Pettitt to the Socialist Alliance, earning a chuckle from the mayor.


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