30 yummy years

DISTINGUISHED plates line the walls of Thai Corner in Applecross.

Some are gold, some white, some date back to the 1990s, but they’re all gongs reminding us of the excellent standards this restaurant has maintained over the last three decades.

Herald readers could almost predict the D’Anger’s choice at a Thai restaurant—fish cakes, spring rolls and a green curry.

But D’Angerous Dave and I deviated from our usual script (yes folks, you’re not having a stroke) and ordered a som-tam (papaya) salad entree ($12.90) and fish crepes ($6.60).

Separately they were good. The salad had a mix of spicy and fresh flavours, while the steamed fish crepes had a delicate taste and a pleasant chewy texture.

But when you combined them, the fusion of flavours was fantastic: the sharp lime dressing in the crisp salad perfectly complimenting the crepes.

We enjoyed the same brilliant harmony in our fried fish ($31.90) and Thai Corner salad ($19.90).

The wonderfully-crisp fish was topped with dried shallots for extra crunch, the flesh was moist and firm, and the tamarind sauce wonderfully piquant.

The salad was a Thai version of a gado gado, with lettuce instead of cabbage, and deep-fried tofu instead of potato.

Topped with a boiled egg and a house-made peanut sauce, this was a memorable meal on its own.

But together the dishes were a match made in food heaven. “It’s like the taste buds are having a party,” Dave exclaimed, as he hoed into the salad like a vegetarian on death row.

We could have stopped there, but Asian sweets are great and Thai Corner has some unusual ones, including durian sticky rice ($10.90) and Thai custard ($7.90).

There was none of the English school custard here, instead it was a light and fluffy coconut  concoction with a sweet, spicy tang.

The potent-smelling durian—a tropical fruit known for its unusual, spiky appearance and strong smell—is not for everyone, and I confess to not having eaten a fresh one, but in a dessert its pungent aftertaste is blissful.

We headed home wondering why it’s taken us so long to check out this terrific eatery.


Thai Corner
795 Canning Highway,

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