Help bin the bag

A MELVILLE councillor wants to help residents get into the groove of WA’s looming ban on single-use plastic bags by handing out free bags that will promote the city.

At Tuesday’s ordinary council meeting Tim Barling successfully raised a motion to have the CEO look at initiatives to help residents ditch their plastic-loving ways.

“The banning of lightweight single-use plastic bags in Western Australia by the state government presents the City of Melville with a one-time opportunity to fill the need for reusable carrier bags by residents,” Cr Barling told colleagues.

“If bags were to be provided by the city to residents, not only can they be City of Melville branded, they can also have printed information to aid in waste minimisation and steps that the city undertakes in that area.”

• Councillor Tim Barling wants Melville council to help promote itself while ridding the world of single-use plastic bags. The other bag was a gift from his parents who live in the tiny East Sussex village of Newick, which went plastic-free many years ago. Locals are so proud of their parish they carry the bags to neighbouring towns to show them off. Photo by Steve Grant

Cr Barling says helping residents to change their behaviour with the bags may have a ripple effect and help in the rollout of the council’s three-bin system if its progresses beyond the current trial.

It may also encourage them to think about minimising their waste generally which might help minimise the economic impact created by China’s ban on low-grade recyclables.

Cr Barling says although the SMRC doesn’t send much of its recyclables to China, the communist super-power’s move is likely to lead to a glut in other countries such as Indonesia, where Melville’s rubbish mostly goes, ultimately pushing the price down.


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