Court papers found dumped

SENSITIVE Family Court documents have turned up in rubbish illegally dumped at a vacant warehouse opposite Fremantle Golf Course.

Huge mounds of furniture, appliances, clothes and rubbish have been abandoned in the disused car park in front of the old Visy packing warehouses on Carrington Street, annoying nearby business owners.

Gale, who was one of the parties to the family court matter  and whose contact details were on the documents, says she has no idea how they got there, particularly as she lives in the northern suburbs.

Fremantle Council said the rubbish was supposed to be removed by the property owner on Tuesday, but when the Chook went to print on Thursday, it was still there.

Vebas Aquariums is across the road and owner Patrick Smith says the empty warehouse has become a hotspot for drug addicts and squatters, and the illegal dumping has been an ongoing issue for months.

He says there have been windows smashed and fires; he had to call 000 after a blaze there last July.

• Family court documents are just some of the “rubbish” that’s been dumped in a car park opposite Fremantle Golf Course over the last year, irking locals. Photos by Emilee Neeson

Mr Smith contacted the council at the start of February about the dumped rubbish.

He says he’d love to see the area redeveloped, or at the very least demolished, to deter people from entering the buildings and causing trouble.

“It’s just ugly … anything would be better than what it is now.”

Council business director Glen Dougall says illegal dumping had been an ongoing issue at the car park for the past 12 months and infringements had been issued.

“A development application for the demolition of the existing buildings on the site is currently under assessment by the City, with a decision expected to be made next month,” he says.

LEX Property, who own the premises, declined to comment.


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