Howzat Cockburn

CRICKET fans across Australia have been left shell-shocked by the Baggy Greens cheating scandal this week, but none more so than Cockburn’s Tarun Dewan, who once played against Sachin Tendulkar.

Mr Dewan is running for the East Ward seat on Cockburn Council left vacant by the recent death of Cr Steven Portelli, and he says his passion for good political process and love of cricket make him a great option for the city.

Mr Dewan, originally from India, has a background in oil and gas, and a long history of loving cricket.

He played for his state team during his 20s, even coming up against a young Tendulkar.

He says the real issue in the national team scandal isn’t the leadership of the team, it’s the underlying culture in the administration and coaching staff.

• Tarun Dewan is ready to knock his opponents for six at the Cockburn Council by-election in May. Photo by Emilee Neeson

“I was utterly disappointed in the way things were handled,” Mr Dewan says.

“It’s got to be much more than the spur of the moment decision making by the captain or the vice-captain.

“Australia needs to have proper systemic processes that will investigate each aspect of how the organisation works. I don’t think it is a one-off issue. It could be going on for a number of years; it’s just at this stage we don’t know.”

Mr Dewan says those same systemic processes can translate to all kinds of organisations, including local government.

“I think it’s very important to have competency, but it’s much more important to have the integrity and ethics in any organisation.

“What I want to bring into council is a very strong governing system.”

Mr Dewan, a Labor party member, is campaigning for a footbridge that would connect Atwell and Success, as well as a Cockburn Cat bus route to cater for the projected growth of the city.

Ian Whitefield, Laura Kirkwood and Tony Toledo are also vying for the East Ward spot at the May 2 by-election.


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